Dreams That Breathe Your Name

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Elysian Fields / 摇滚 / 2004-07-13


Here's what legendary British rock critic Nick Kent (The Dark Stuff) said about it in Liberacion, the major liberal daily of France:

"How is it possible that this talented duo from New York with three splendid records to their name (Dreams... is the fourth) is still only known to a small 'cult' audience? In England, similar duos such as Portishead and Goldfrapp have won the support of a wider audience with the same qualities (film-noir type soundtrack music and the capable vocalizing of an unconstrained diva) as the two protagonists of Elysian Fields (instrumentalist/composer Oren Bloedow and singer Jennifer Charles) have employed for eight years now.

Then again, maybe we have their out-of-the-mainstreamness to thank for a sound that is still unique -- as sensual as a sleepwalker's wet dream. as the album title suggests, the 13 songs assembled here evoke the many langorous musical dreamscapes traversed by the enchanting, and infinitely erotic, Jennifer Charles.

Equally remarkable is the manner in which Bloedow envelops the veiled vocals of Charles in a jewelbox of ethereal sounds on such highlights as 'Live For The Touch,' 'Shooting Stars' and 'Narcomiscoma.' In other words, this new record, just like all of its predecessors, comes heartily recommended."

Dreams That Breathe Your Name的曲目列表

1. Stop The Sun
2. Baby Getlost
3. Timing Is Everything
4. Drunk On Dark Sublime
5. Live For The Touch
6. Passing On The Stairs
7. Shooting Stars
8. Shrinking Heads In The Sunset
9. Never Mind That Now
10. Narcosmicoma
11. Dog Of Tears
12. Bonus Track 1

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