Ich Tote Mich...

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Sopor Aeternus / 摇滚 / 2000-10-24

Ich Tote Mich...的曲目列表

• Travel On Breath (The Breath Of The World)
• Falling Into Different Flesh
• Birth - Fiendish Figuration
• Tanz Der Grausamkeil
• Im Garten Des Nichts (A Secret Light In The Garden Of My Void)
• Time Stands Still... (...But Stops For No-one)
• Do You Know My Name? (Falling...- Reprise)
• Penance & Pain
• Holy Water Moonlight
• Beautiful Thorn
• The Feast Of Blood
• Dark Delight (Dedicated To Victor Bertrand - Performed Live Without Audience...- For The Dead)
• Baptisma
• Birth - Fiendish Figuration ('The Inner Hell'-Orig. Demo)

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