Hsi-Yu Chi

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David Shea / 爵士 / 1995


实验大师David Shea颠峰之作“Hsi-Yu Chi 西游 记” (David shea & 吴蛮 & John Zorn & HidekiKato&Rebecca Wilson)、激进原始派Ikue Mori、用 Saxophonist将 日本民乐和俄罗斯音乐通婚的东欧前卫作曲家Compostels、错乱 蓝]调之王Rodd Keith...当然也有杰出的日本实验音乐高手,如大友良英、灰野 敬二(Keiji Haino) 。除此之外,相当部分推荐的唱片都属珍贵的临时性跨地域 合作。此唱片公司 极其注重即兴实验噪音的艺术追求。
Radical New York musician/composer David Shea uses samplers, turntables and compact disc players as his insruments of choice. His dramatic compositions draw inspiration from film directors Sergio Leone and Sam Pekinpah and the film soundtracks of Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Marricone, John Barry and Henry Mancini, and the cartoon soundtracks of Warner Bros. and MGM. Shea has performed on albums by John Zorn and Mr. Bungle. He has two previous albums as a composer, Shock Corridor and Prisoner.
HSI-YU CHI, inspired by the films of Tsui Hark, John Woo, Stanley Kwan, King Hu and Bruce Lee, is a soundtrack for an imaginary Hong Kong Western mythological action film.
Sim Cain: Drums, Percussion, Dumbek
Hideki Kato: Bass
Wu Man: Pipa
Zeena Parkins: Electric Harp, Acoustic Harp, Piano, Accordion
Jim Pugliese: Drums, Percussion
Marc Ribot: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
David Shea: Sampler, Piano, Turntables, CDs
Alex Tobias: Harmonica, Tin Whistle, Celtic Drum
Rebecca Wilson: Screaming
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone

Hsi-Yu Chi的曲目列表

1. Temple/Sai Teen/Tai Tsung/Chang'an/Sun Wu Kung
2. Three Elements
3. Five Fingers
4. Fists Of Fury/Canton Opera Blues/Enter The Dragon/The Underworld
5. The Woodcutter And The Fisherman/The Desert
6. Silk Road/Black Wind Cave/The Weapons
7. Mara/Five Villiages West/Two Sisters Wedding
8. Two Elements
9. Rouge
10. Orchid Tree
11. Holy Mountain/Jetvana/Pure Land

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