Canon: Missa Johnouchi Best

8.6 186人评价

城之内美莎 / 城之内ミサ / 2005-09-13


On this gorgeous release, Chinese and Japanese folk instruments create a harmony akin to that of the stars in the sky. Missa Johnouchi's piano, combined with lush strings, conjures up feelings of the wind in motion, giving the gift of quiet and peace. The expansive melody of the niko, the splendor of the yangqin and the mystic tone of the flutes evoke unending dreams.

Canon: Missa Johnouchi Best的曲目列表

1. Asian Wind (From Asian Blossoms)
2. Stardust Tapestry (From Road To Oasis)
3. Kataribe (From Kuge)
4. Seasons (From Asian Blossoms)
5. Moon Beach
6. Marco Polo (From Asian Blossoms)
7. Desert Mirage (From Road To Oasis)
8. Pilgrimage (From Kurenal)
9. Shangri-La (From Road To Oasis)
10. Shanghai Twilight (From Kurenai)
11. Night Bird (From Asian Blossoms)
12. Kirisamekodo)

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