Astral Weeks

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Van Morrison / 民谣 / 1968-11


There’s never been anything like Astral Weeks—not before or since. Parting with the straightforward, R&B-based rock of his past, a young Van Morrison embraced his love of jazz, blues, folk, and poetry all at once. The thrillingly transcendent journey finds him mixing bittersweet childhood memories and in-the-moment reveries like a folk-rock James Joyce. His soulful voice soars over a constantly shifting, almost impressionistic landscape of fluid, jazzy lines, gentle strumming, and shimmering orchestrations. The magic Morrison created here is as otherworldly as the title suggests.

Astral Weeks的曲目列表

1. Astral Weeks
2. Beside You
3. Sweet Thing
4. Cyprus Avenue
5. Way Young Lovers Do
6. Madame George
7. Ballerina
8. Slim Slow Slider

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