In Concert

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The Doors / 摇滚 / 1991


n Concert is a live double album, recorded by The Doors. The album's performances are culled from a variety of different concerts and releases. In Concert includes all the tracks from Absolutely Live (with all but one track appearing on disc one with the remaining track on disc two) and Alive, She Cried. The three remaining tracks come from An American Prayer, Live at the Hollywood Bowl and one previously unreleased.

In Concert的曲目列表

1. House Announcer
2. Who Do You Love
3. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
4. Backdoor Man
5. Love Hides
6. Five To One
7. Build Me A Woman
8. When The Music's Over
9. Universal Mind
10. Petition The Lord With Prayer
11. Dead Cats, Dead Rats
12. Break On Trough
13. Lions In The Street
14. Wake Up
15. A Little Game
16. The Hill Dwellers
17. Not To Touch The Earth
18. Names Of The Kingdom
19. The Palace Of Exile
20. Soul Kitchen
21. Roadhouse Blues
22. Gloria
23. Light My Fire
24. You Make Me Real
25. Texas Radio & The Big Beat
26. Love Me Two Times
27. Little Red Rooster
28. Moonlight Drive
29. Close To You
30. Unknown Soldier
31. The End

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