A Hangover You Don't Deserve

8.5 695人评价

Bowling For Soup / 2004-09-14


Japanese pressing of 2004 release, scheduled to include one bonus track and one exclusive bonus track. Details TBA. Jive.

A Hangover You Don't Deserve的曲目列表

1. Almost
2. Trucker Hat
3. 1985
4. Get Happy
5. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
6. Ridiculous
7. Shut Up And Smile
8. Last Call Casualty
9. Next Ex-Girlfriend
10. A-Hole
11. My Hometown
12. Smoothie King
13. Sad Sad Situation
14. Really Might Be Gone
15. Down For The Count
16. Two-Seater
17. Friends Of Mine
18. Somebody Get My Mom

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