Reasonable Doubt

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Jay-Z / 说唱 / 1996-06-25


Jay-Z's classic debut is a compelling reflection on his life as a hustler. It's invested with an uncommon complexity and candor that has noticeably faded in his later material. Armed with clever phrasing and sly deadpan wit, Jay-Z navigates indulgent romps ("Can't Knock the Hustle"), thought-provoking introspection ("Regrets"), and devastating street-corner soliloquies ("Friend or Foe") with savvy composure. The beats on Reasonable Doubt, provided by the likes of DJ Premier & Ski, are as irresistibly slick as his persona. "Brooklyn's Finest," his mic-passing session with his friend Notorious B.I.G., takes on a torch-passing significance in the wake of Biggie's death. That song, and the entire album, foreshadows Jay-Z's subsequent ascension to kingpin status.

Reasonable Doubt的曲目列表

• Can't Knock The Hustle
• Politics As Usual
• Brooklyn's Finest
• Dead Presidents II
• Feelin' It
• D'Evils
• 22 Two's
• Can I Live
• Ain't No *****
• Friend Or Foe
• Coming Of Age
• Cashmere Thoughts
• Bring It On
• Regrets
• Can I Live II

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