Move Along

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The All-American Rejects / 摇滚 / 2005


With "Move Along", Oklahoma’s The ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS unleash the much-awaited follow-up to now Platinum plus self-titled debut.

Produced by Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Hoobastank), "Move Along" is poised to vault the band’s finely crafted mix of rock/pop/mayhem to the next level.

Check them out live on the main stage at the VAN'S WARPED TOUR - 2005!

Move Along的曲目列表

1. Dirty Little Secret
2. Stab My Back
3. Move Along
4. It Ends Tonight
5. Change Your Mind
6. Night Drive
7. 11:11 P.M.
8. Dance Inside
9. Top Of The World
10. Straitjacket Feeling
11. I'm Waiting
12. Can't Take It

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