It's a wonderful world

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Mr.Children / 流行 / 2002


2002 album for Japanese rock act. 15 tracks including, 'Overture', 'Dear Wonderful World', 'One Two Three', 'Youthful Days', 'Bird Cage', 'UFO' & 'Drawing'. The disc is packaged in a digi-book with color booklet featuring photographs and the Japanese lyrics.

It's a wonderful world的曲目列表

1. overture
2. 蘇生
3. Dear wonderful world
4. one two three
5. 渇いたkiss
6. youthful days
7. ファスナー
8. Bird Cage
9. LOVE はじめました
10. UFO
11. Drawing
12. 君が好き
13. いつでも微笑みを
14. 優しい歌
15. It's a wonderful world

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