New Whirl Odor

7.3 40人评价

Public Enemy / 说唱 / 2005-11-01

New Whirl Odor的曲目列表

• ...And No One Broadcasted Louder Than... (Intro)
• New Whirl Odor
• Bring That Beat Back
• 66.6 Strikes Again
• What a Fool Believes
• Makes You Blind
• Preachin' to the Quiet
• Either We Together or We Ain't (SIW Stepstrumental)
• Revolution
• Check What You're Listening To
• As Long as the People Got Something to Say
• Y'All Don't Know
• Either You Get It by Now or You Don't
• Superman's Black in the Building
• Bring That Beat Back [DVD] [Multimedia Track]
• Superman's Black in the Building [DVD] [Multimedia Track]
• Revolution [DVD] [Multimedia Track]
• Hot 1 [DVD][Multimedia Track]
• Documentary: A Brief History of Slamjamz [DVD][Multimedia Track]
• Documentary: Making New Whirl Odor [DVD][Multimedia Track]
• Photo Gallery [DVD]
• Biographies [DVD]
• Commentary [DVD]

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