A Colores

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Tristeza / 2005


San Diego's instrumental post-rock quintet came together after playing in such seminal San Diego bands as The Locust, Crimson Curse, Swing Kids, and Gogogo Airheart among others. This is their third full-length since the release of their critically acclaimed debut "Spine & Sensory" in 2000. It has layers and textures akin to Boards Of Canada and Amon Tobin. Melodic and inventive, emotive and inspirational, the music sings so eloquently throughout, it is nothing less then revelatory. There's great hope and optimism present here; a sanguine feeling that permeates the whole album. A colorful journey beyond instrumental post-rock, delving into the darker realms of modern psychedelia.

A Colores的曲目列表

1. Bromas
2. Balabaristas
3. Abrazo Distante
4. La Tierra Sutil
5. Liquid Pyramids
6. Halo Heads
7. Wand
8. Aereoaviones
9. Cuchillos de Hielo
10. Stumble On Air
11. Harmonic Sea
12. Palindrome Dome

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