Are You Dead Yet?

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Children of Bodom / 25 October, 2005


This is the fifth studio album from Children Of Bodom.Lead singer Alexi Laiho told Finland's Soundi magazine that 'Are You Dead Yet?' features some completely new influences. The follow-up to 2003's 'Hate Crew Deathroll' will 'be even more straight-forward than its predecessor and will contain some industrial elements while retaining COB's trademark sound, including the super-fast guitar and keyboard solos. Universal. 2005.

Are You Dead Yet?的曲目列表

• Living Dead Beat
• Are You Dead Yet
• If You Want Peace...Prepare for War
• Punch Me I Bleed
• In Your Face
• Next in Line
• Bastards of Bodom
• Trashed, Lost and Strungout
• We're Not Gonna Fall
• Somebody Put Something In My Drink

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