Twin Cinema

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The New Pornographers / 2005


The third album from Vancouver's pop maestros continues to feature Neko Case and Dan Bejar (Destroyer), as well as new vocalists Kathryn Calder and Nora O'Connor. These songs veer more toward the rocking and the personal than the sugar of earlier works. Chief singer/songwriter A.C. Newman has absorbed not just the mechanics of classic songwriting, but the heart, while indulging his admiration of demented current bands like Fiery Furnaces and Frog Eyes. Expect to hear influences from The Moody Blues, Tubeway Army, Wings, Eno, The Stranglers, 10cc, and other greats, all filtered through Newman's warped worldview.

Twin Cinema的曲目列表

1. Twin Cinema
2. The Bones Of An Idol
3. Use It
4. The Bleeding Heart Show
5. Jackie, Dressed In Cobras
6. The Jessica Numbers
7. These Are The Fables
8. Sing Me Spanish Techno
9. Falling Through Your Clothes
10. Broken Breads
11. Three Or Four
12. Star Bodies
13. Streets Of Fire
14. Stacked Crooked

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