Richard D. James Album

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Aphex Twin / 电子 / 1996-11-14


Richard D. James Album is the fourth studio album by English electronic musician Richard D. James under the alias Aphex Twin, released on Warp Records in 1996. The album's music was produced and recorded by James and was a step away from the ambient music on his previous releases and more influenced by jungle music.

Richard D. James Album的曲目列表

1. 4
2. Cornish Acid
3. Peek 824545201
4. Fingerbib
5. Corn Mouth
6. To Cure A Weakling Child
7. Goon Gumpas
8. Yellow Calx
9. Girl/Boy Song
10. Logon Rock Witch
11. Milk Man
12. Inkey $
13. Girl/Boy (18 Pound Snore Rush Mix)
14. Beetles
15. Girl/Boy Song (Redruth Mix)

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