The Weeping Meadow

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Eleni Karaindrou / 原声 / 2004-07-27


Eleni Karaindrou (Greek: Ελένη Καραΐνδρου) is a Greek composer, born in the village of Teichio (Tichio) in Phocis, Central Greece, on November 25, 1941. She is best known for scoring the films of the Greek director Theo Angelopoulos

The Weeping Meadow的曲目列表

1. The Weeping Meadow
2. Theme of the Uprooting I
3. Waiting I
4. Memories
5. The Tree
6. Young Man's Theme I
7. The Weeping Meadow I
8. Theme of the Uprooting II
9. Waiting II
10. Theme of the Uprooting
11. Prayer
12. The Tree
13. On the Road
14. Young Man's Theme
15. Theme of the Uprooting III
16. The Weeping Meadow II

The Weeping Meadow的短评(174)

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