Kinda Kinks

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Kinks / 摇滚 / 30 March, 1998

Kinda Kinks的曲目列表

• Look For Me Baby
• Got My Feet On The Ground
• Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout
• Naggin' Woman
• Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
• Tired Of Waiting For You
• Dancing In The Streets
• Don't Ever Change
• Come On Now
• So Long
• You Shouldn't Be Sad
• Something Better Beginning
• Everbody's Gonna Be Happy
• Who'll Be The Next In Line
• Set Me Free
• I Need You
• See My Friends
• Never Meet A Girl Like You Before
• Wait Until The Summer Comes Along
• Such A Shame
• A Well Respected Man
• Don't You Fret
• I Go To Sleep

Kinda Kinks的短评(52)

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