Bavarian Fruit Bread

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Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions / 摇滚 / 2001


Import edition of the ex-Mazzy Star vocalist's 2001 solo album includes one bonus track 'Sparkly' which was previously issued on her Rough Trade single to 'At The Doorway Again'. Bert Jansch plays guitar on two tracks. 13 tracks in all. Digipak. 2002 version.

Bavarian Fruit Bread的曲目列表

1. Drop
2. Suzanne
3. Butterfly Mornings
4. On The Low
5. Baby Let Me
6. Feeling Of Gaze
7. Charlotte
8. Clear Day
9. Bavarian Fruit Bread
10. Around My Smile
11. Lose Me On The Way
12. Untitled

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