Reise, Reise

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Rammstein / 摇滚 / 2004


German industrial metal legends Rammstein's fourth album, 'Reise, Reise' (Travel, Travel) doesn't have any surprises when it comes to their sound. What it does have is even more ball crunching riffs than the band have ever had before and they've even thrown in a sense of melody.

The Rammstein phenomena exploded across the world as non-German speaking audiences still managed to sing along to every word at their concerts in a way never seen before. Now that people have jumped the language hurdle, people either dismiss them as "not their sound" or take their immense sound straight to their heart.

The single 'Mein Teil' ("my cock") is written about cannibalism, from the perspective of the one being eaten. The chorus roughly translated means "you are what you eat and you're eating my cock". Translation isn't necessary for 'Amerika', as Till Lindemann sings "We're all living in Amerika, coca-cola sometimes war!"

Berlin natives Rammstein aren't appealing to any new fans, but their brutal sound will woo the older fans back time and time again. While their heaviness might sometimes suffer in the name of experimenting with female vocals or in one case a gospel choir, when they're on, they're on!

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Reise, Reise的曲目列表

1. Reise, Reise
2. Mein Teil
3. Dalai Lama
4. Keine Lust
5. Los
6. Amerika
7. Moskau
8. Morgenstern
9. Stein Um Stein
10. Ohne Dich
11. Amour

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