Midnight Blue

9.2 650人评价

Kenny Burrell / 爵士 / 1999-03-09


Alfred Lion considered this his favorite production and well he should have. Without piano, Burrell, Stanley Turrentine and company get a clean open sound and a deep groove on such now classic compositions as the title tune and "Chitlins Con Carne", which has become a blues band staple.

This RVG Series compact disc also includes extra photographs and 2 bonus tracks.

Midnight Blue的曲目列表

1. Chitlins Con Carne 5:30
2. Mule 6:57
3. Soul Lament 2:43
4. Midnight Blue 4:01
5. Wavy Gravy 5:47
6. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 4:25
7. Saturday Night Blues 6:15
8. Kenny's Sound (Take 10) 4:42
9. K Twist (Take 35) 3:38

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