Confirmation: The Best of the Verve Years


Charlie Parker / 1995-08-08


This two-CD collection brings the best of Charlie Parker's Verve recordings. The Verve sessions were recorded under the influence of impresario Norman Granz, who put Parker into a wide range of settings (quartet, big band, strings, and even a woodwind quintet with vocals are included here), playing both Parker originals as well as popular songs of the day. These are not the pared-down, blistering performances of the Savoy and Dial sessions; however, they are quite remarkable in that they reveal the astonishing breadth of Parker's musical genius. A voracious talent, he shines brilliantly in every setting. The joy in this collection is getting to hear his bright ideas in such a range of musical situations. --Michael Monhart

Confirmation: The Best of the Verve Years的曲目列表

Just Friends - Charlie Parker, Klenner, John


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