Go Plastic

8.1 130人评价

Squarepusher / 电子 / 26 June, 2001


Go Plastic is the record that folks have been waiting for...a more agro, technologically oriented outing. The incredibly catchy leadoff single, My Red Hot Car is revisited in a mind-bending 2-step workout, Lee Scratch Perry style. Dub and drum 'n' bass elements weigh in heavy on this release. Breaks rush at the speed of light tethered by some of Squarepusher's moodiest, melodic work. 10 tracks. 2001 release.

Go Plastic的曲目列表

• My Red Hot Car
• Boneville Occident
• Go! Spastic
• Metteng Excuske V1.2
• The Exploding Psychology
• I Wish You Could Talk
• Greenways Trajectory
• Tommib
• My Fucking Sound
• Plaistow Flex Out

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