Glory Times

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Portishead / 电子 / 1995


1995 release on Go! Beat, a double CD single set coupling together in a double slimline jewel case the CD singles for the two hits from the British trip hop act's debut album, 'Glory Box' and 'Sour Times'. 10 tracks total. The 'Sour' CDfeatures 'Sour Sour Times', 'Lot More', 'Sheared Times', 'Airbus Reconstruction' & 'Theme From To Kill A Dead Man'; The 'Glory' CD contains two obvious mixes of 'Glory Box' (Edit & Mudflap Mix), plus 'Scorn', 'Sheared Box' and 'Toy Box'.

Glory Times的曲目列表

1-1. Glory Box (Edit)
1-2. Lot More
1-3. Sheared Times
1-4. Sheared Box
1-5. Toy Box
1-6. Glory Box [Edit]
1-7. Glory Box [Mudflap Mix]
1-8. Scorn
1-9. Sheared Box
1-10. Toy Box
2-1. Glory Box (Edit)
2-2. Glory Box (Mudflap Edit)
2-3. Scom
2-4. Sheared Box
2-5. Toy Box

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