Songs From The Last Century

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George Michael / 爵士 / 1999


On songs from the last century, george michael is determined to demonstrate just how much he's matured since the carefree days of wham! By offering his own interpretations of some of the century's classic songs, he manages to shake off any lingering remnants of his boyband past. George michael has one of the most versatile and beautiful voices ever recorded - a voice more suited for jazz or soul than pop - a fact that his own records have often only glossed over. Much better, therefore, to have him cover songs made famous by the likes of nat king cole and bing crosby.

Songs From The Last Century的曲目列表

1. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
2. Roxanne
3. You've Changed
4. My Baby Just Cares For Me
5. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
6. Miss Sarajevo
7. I Remember You
8. Secret Love
9. Wild Is The Wind
10. Where Or When + It's Alright With Me

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