One Quiet Night

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Pat Metheny / 2003-05-27


On the heels of his 15th Grammy Pat Metheny, the most honored jazz guitarist in history, offers one of the most adventurous albums of his career. One Quiet Night is simply Metheny and a solo baritone guitar. Completely acoustic, no overdubs, using a rediscovered low Nashville tuning and recorded in his home studio. Slipcase. Warner Brothers. 2003.

One Quiet Night的曲目列表

1. One Quiet Night
2. Song For The Boys
3. Don't Know Why
4. Another Chance
5. And Time Goes On
6. My Song
7. Peace Memory
8. Ferry Cross The Mersey
9. Over On 4th Street
10. I Will Find The Way
11. North To South, East To West
12. Last Train Home

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