Legends Of The Fall: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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James Horner / 原声 / 1995-01-10


"This soundtrack CD is another of my favorite examples of how you need not necessarily have to see or remember the movie to enjoy the music. It's also the type of soundtrack which, after you have seen the movie, cries out, "Listen to me! Listen to me!" whenever your favorite scenes in the movie cross your mind.
"Legends of the Fall" is the first part of what I call "The Horner 90's Trilogy". That is, three film soundtracks, all composed by James Horner, all sounding vividly the same in many places, all released approximately within one year of each other. The other two parts of the Trilogy would be "Braveheart" and "Titanic."
The music of "Legends" contains equal amounts of dark and light tone colors. A soft, romantic melody (written and performed by Samuel for Susannah) and an equally beautiful main theme are used to underscore the sense of family warmth and importance felt by the Ludlows before the war. Jay Ungar, famous for "Ashokan Farewell", the theme from "The Civil War" by Ken Burns, makes a notable appearance on these tracks.
With World War I and everything following it, the music become distinctly darker, particularly the cues illustrating Tristan's behaviors and perilous adventures. Take note, listeners: Horner will do an excellent job of making you feel what Tristan (Brad Pitt) feels. In my honest opinion, this album is worth buying for Track 11, "Revenge" by itself.
"Revenge" is a pivotal point in the film. Tristan is being released from prison for illegal transportation of wine during Prohibition and aggravated assault. During their questioning of him the arresting officers fired some warning bullets into the air---fatally striking Tristan's wife Isabella. While the music is playing, everything happens at once: two government agents are shot, Tristan stalks and kills one of the officers who shot his wife, Susannah (Julia Ormond) struggles with the fact that even though she is married to Alfred (Aidan Quinn)she still loves Tristan, cuts off her hair----and shoots herself finding the pain of a broken heart unbearable. Observant listeners will take note of the sound of this track to a simillar one on the "Braveheart" soundtrack, also called Revenge.
Bottom line: this is a must for any James Horner fan, or soundtrack genre fan in general. It's simply one of Horner's best."

Legends Of The Fall: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack的曲目列表

• Legends of the Fall
• Ludlows
• Off to War
• To the Boys...
• Samuel's Death
• Alfred Moves to Helena
• Farewell/Descent into Madness
• Changing Seasons/Wild Horses/Tristan's Return
• Wedding
• Isabel's Murder/Recollections of Samuel
• Revenge
• Goodbyes
• Alfred/Tristan/The Colonel/The Legend...

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