Power, Corruption & Lies

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New Order / 摇滚 / 1990-10-25


Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of this 1983 album from the Manchester quartet, one of the most successful and consistent bands of the '80s and beyond. After the suicide of vocalist, Ian Curtis, the three surviving members of Joy Division regrouped under the band name New Order, adding Gillian Gilbert on keyboards. The rest, as they say, is history. Disc One in this package contains the original album in its digitally remastered glory. Disc Two is filled with eight non-album singles, B-sides and remixes. This is as great as it gets! Rhino UK. 2008.

Power, Corruption & Lies的曲目列表

• Age of Consent
• We All Stand
• Village
• 5-8-6
• Blue Monday
• Your Silent Face
• Ultraviolence
• Ecstasy
• Leave Me Alone
• Beach

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