The Best of New Order

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New Order / 电子 / 1994


New Order formed in Manchester in 1980, rising from the ashes of U.K. post-Punk icons Joy Division after lead singer Ian Curtis' death. Guitarist Bernard Sumner took on vocal duties, and with drummer Stephen Morris, bassist Peter Hook and keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, became one of the biggest British groups of their era. Pioneering the fusion of new wave, alt-rock, Electronica, Synth-Pop and Club music, their unique sound was as thought-provoking and soulful as it was Dancefloor-ready. Featuring 17 tracks spanning 1981-1993, this single disc survey of their influential work features signature hits including 'Bizarre Love Triangle,' 'World In Motion,' 'Regret,' 'True Faith,' and their breakthrough smash 'Blue Monday'.

The Best of New Order的曲目列表

1 Let's Go (Nothing for Me)
2 Dreams Never End
3 Age of Consent
4 Love Vigilantes
5 True Faith-94
6 Bizarre Love Triangle
7 1963-95
8 Fine Time
9 Vanishing Point
10 Run
11 Round & Round-94
12 Regret
13 World
14 Ruined in a Day
15 Touched by the Hand of God
16 Blue Monday-88
17 World in Motion

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