Skid Row

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Skid Row / 摇滚 / 1989


Skid Row is the debut album from the American heavy metal band Skid Row, released on January 24, 1989. The album is certified 5x Platinum by the RIAA. The album spawned the top 10 singles "18 and Life" and "I Remember You" and the Mainstream rock hit "Youth Gone Wild". It is the band's most commercially successful album. It went on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide, including 5 million in the United States alone.

Skid Row的曲目列表

1. Big Guns
2. Sweet Little Sister
3. Can't Stand the Heartache
4. Piece of Me
5. 18 and Life
6. Rattlesnake Shake
7. Youth Gone Wild
8. Here I Am
9. Makin' a Mess
10. I Remember You
11. Midnight/Tornado

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