The Princess Bride

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Mark Knopfler / 原声 / 1997


Digitally remastered using HDCD technology, this is a reissue of the Dire Straits guitarist's soundtrack toRob Reiner's comical fantasy love story from 1987 starringCary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Andre The Giant,Billy Crystal, Carol Kane & Peter Falk. 12 tracks.

The Princess Bride的曲目列表

1. Once Upon A Time / Storybook Love
2. I Will Never Love Again
3. Florin Dance
4. Morning Ride
5. The Friends' Song
6. The Cliffs Of Insanity
7. The Swordfight
8. Guide My Sword
9. The Fireswamp And The Rodents Of Unusual Size
10. Revenge
11. A Happy Ending
12. Storybook Love

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