Retrospective:The Best of Suzanne Vega

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Suzanne Vega / 民谣 / 2003


Import pressing of their greatest hits collection packaged in a slidepack. Part of the Universal 'Just the Music' Campaign. 2006. * Please note, no liner notes are included.

Retrospective:The Best of Suzanne Vega的曲目列表

1. Luka
2. Toms Diner
3. Marlene On The Wall
4. Caramel
5. 99 Point 9 Farenheit
6. Tired of Sleeping
7. Small Blue Thing
8. Blood Makes Noise
9. Left of Center
10. Ill Never Be Your Maggie May
11. In Liverpool
12. Gypsy
13. Book of Dreams
14. No Cheap Thrill
15. Calypso
16. World Before Columbus
17. Solitude Standing
18. Penitent
19. Rosemary
20. The Queen And The Soldier
21. Woman On The Tier

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