Trans-Europe Express

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Kraftwerk / 电子 / 1977


Trans Europa Express/Trans-Europe Express was the first Kraftwerk album to be mixed in two entirely separate versions, one in German, the other in English. In addition, a French language version of 'Showroom Dummies' entitled 'Les Mannequins' was included on French pressings of the album (which otherwise features the English mix).
Most German pressings (as well as the 2009 remastered reissues) list 'Metall Auf Metall' as two separate tracks, the second part entitled 'Abzug'. Most other versions only list 'Metal On Metal', but include both tracks.
The original German pressing (and many of the other editions) features a monochrome portrait by New York photographer Maurice Seymour, with the group dressed in suits to resemble mannequins. A highly retouched colour photo montage of the group by J. Stara is used for the British, American and other editions. A color collage of the group sitting at a small cafe table designed by Emil Schult was used for the inner sleeve. Most of the 2009 reissues feature a simplified monochrome 'TEE' design.
The original German release includes a colour poster of the Emil Schult image.

Trans-Europe Express的曲目列表

1. Europe Endless
2. Hall Of Mirrors
3. Showroom Dummies
4. Trans-Europe Express
5. Metal On Metal
6. Franz Schubert
7. Endless Endless

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