I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings

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Radiohead / 电子 / 2001


I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings is a 2001 live album by English rock band Radiohead. It consists of live performances of eight songs recorded on a tour of Europe and North America, including seven songs from their albums Kid A and Amnesiac. The final track, "True Love Waits", would not be released on a studio album until 2016's A Moon Shaped Pool; unlike the studio version, it is performed here on acoustic guitar by Thom Yorke. It was the only release, apart from their studio albums and bonus material from the The King of Limbs sessions, that the band allowed to stay on streaming services such as Spotify after their catalog was purchased by XL Recordings in 2016.

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings的曲目列表

1. The National Anthem
2. I Might Be Wrong
3. Morning Bell
4. Like Spinning Plates
5. Idioteque
6. Everything In Its Right Place
7. Dollars And Cents
8. True Love Waits

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