Master of Puppets

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Metallica / 摇滚 / 1986


2008 reissue of the 1986 album, Master of Puppets by Metallica which was ranked eighth on the list of the biggest selling groups in history, and one of the most influential bands in music. Metallica proved its metal with this groundbreaking album and it was hailed as a masterpiece by critics far outside Heavy Metal's core audience. Master Of Puppets sold over half a million copies at its time of release without any major video/radio airplay, making it the band s first record to be certified Gold by the RIAA. It was the last album the band recorded with bass player Cliff Burton before his death later that year.

Master of Puppets的曲目列表

1. Battery
2. Master Of Puppets
3. The Thing That Should Not Be
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5. Disposable Heroes
6. Leper Messiah
7. Orion (Instrumental)
8. Damage, Inc.

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