The Final Cut

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Pink Floyd / 摇滚 / 2004-05-04


The Final Cut is the twelfth studio album by English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 21 March 1983 in the United Kingdom and on 2 April in the United States through Harvest and Columbia Records. It comprises unused material from the previous Pink Floyd record, The Wall, alongside new material recorded throughout 1982. The Final Cut extends the autobiography of The Wall, concentrating on Roger Waters ' pain when his father died in World War II. Waters spins this off into a treatise on the futility of war, concentrating on the Falkland Islands, setting his blistering condemnations and scathing anger to impossibly subdued music that demands full attention.

The Final Cut的曲目列表

• Post War Dream
• Your Possible Pasts
• One of the Few
• When the Tigers Broke Free
• Hero's Return
• Gunner's Dream
• Paranoid Eyes
• Get Your Filthy Hands off My Desert [Roger Waters Music Overseas
• Fletcher Memorial Home
• Southampton Dock
• Final Cut
• Not Now John
• Two Suns in the Sunset

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