Among My Swan

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Mazzy Star / 民谣 / 1996


Among My Swan is the third album by the band Mazzy Star. Although Among My Swan did not contain any US Billboard Hot 100 hits like its predecessor, So Tonight That I Might See, this album did garner the band its highest-ranking single on the UK Singles Chart, when "Flowers In December" reached #40 in November 1996. The album's second single, "I've Been Let Down", did not chart in either the United States or the UK.
Among My Swan relied less on the echo effect that was nearly ubiquitous in all tracks on the previous two albums. Hope Sandoval's voice is paired with simple acoustic instrumentation that marks most of the tracks. The guitar and harmonica accompaniment on "I've Been Let Down" is a prime example of this. These tracks are not markedly different in sound or feel from the preceding two albums.
Among My Swan is widely considered to be Mazzy Star's final album; although the band has not officially broken up, they have released no new material since the release of "I've Been Let Down" as a single in 1996, and lead singer Hope Sandoval has gone on to form Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, which released an album in 2001.
民谣乐队Mazzy Star(迷乱星辰)于1996年推出的专辑,曲风迷幻、黑暗。

Among My Swan的曲目列表

1. Disappear
2. Flowers In December
3. Rhymes Of An Hour
4. Cry, Cry
5. Take Everything
6. Still Cold
7. All You Sisters
8. I've Been Let Down
9. Roseblood
10. Happy
11. Umbilical
12. Look On Down From The Bridg

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