American Idiot

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Green Day / 摇滚 / 2004-09-21


GREEN DAY American Idiot + Live In Tokyo (2005 Japanese 19-track enhanced 2-CD set comprising the Japanese version of the album including the bonus track 'Favorite Son', an EXCLUSIVE 5-track CD recorded live in Tokyo plus on-stage and behind the scenes CD-Rom footage

American Idiot的曲目列表

1. American Idiot
2. Jesus Of Suburbia
3. Holiday
4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
5. Are We The Waiting
6. St Jimmi
7. Give Me Novoaine
8. Shes A Rebel
9. Extraordinary Girl
10. Letterbomb
11. Wake Me Up When September Ends
12. Homecoming
13. Whatsername

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