Bleu: Bande Originale Du Film

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Zbigniew Preisner / 原声 / 07 December, 1993


Digipak reissue of the score to the 1993 film by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Original music by Zbigniew Preisner. MK2.

Bleu: Bande Originale Du Film的曲目列表

• Song For The Unification Of Europe (Patrice's Version)
• Van Den Budenmayer-Funeral Music (Winds)
• Julie-Glimpses Of Burial
• Reprise-First Appearance
• The Battle Of Carnival And Lent
• Reprise-Julie With Olivier
• Ellipsis 1
• First Flute
• Julie-In Her New ApartMent
• Reprise-Julie On The Stairs
• Second Flute
• Ellipsis 2
• Van Den Budenmayer-Funeral Music (Organ)
• Van Den Budenmayer-Funeral Music (Full Orchestra)
• The Battle Of Carnival And Lent II
• Reprise-Flute (Closing Credits Version)
• Ellipsis 3
• Olivier's Theme-Piano
• Olivier & Julie-Trial Composition
• Olivier's Theme-Finale
• Bolero-Trailer For 'Red' Film
• Song For The Unification Of Europe (Julie's Version) (Film)
• Closing Credits
• Reprise-Organ
• Bolero-'Red' Film

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