Carbon Glacier

7.8 159人评价

Laura Veirs / 2004-08-24


On her Nonesuch debut Carbon Glacier, Laura Veirs re-imagines folk music in a bravely boundary-crossing way, employing the genre as a jumping-off point to create an intimate, affecting sound entirely her own. The Independent described it as "a benchmark by which future Americana releases will be judged." Uncut simply declared Carbon Glacier Veirs' "first masterpiece".

Carbon Glacier的曲目列表

1. Ether Sings
2. Icebound Stream
3. Rapture
4. Lonely Angel Dust
5. The Cloud Roam
6. Wind Is Blowing Stars
7. Shadow Blues
8. Anne Bonny Rag
9. Snow Camping
10. Chimney Sweeping Man
11. Salvage a Smile

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