A Camp

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A Camp / 流行 / 2001


Debut full length album for side project of The Cardigan's Nina Persson. 14 tracks including the first single, 'I Can Buy You', 'Freq uent Flyer', 'Angel Of Sadness', 'Song For The Leftovers' & 'Hard As Stone'.

A Camp的曲目列表

1. Frequent Flyer
2. I Can Buy You
3. Angel of Sadness
4. Such a Bad Comedown
5. Song for the Leftovers
6. Walking the Cow
7. Hard as a Stone
8. Algebra
9. Silent Night
10. The Same Old Song
11. The Oddness of the Lord
12. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost
13. The Bluest Eyes In Texas
14. Elephant

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