Tiger Bay

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Saint Etienne / 流行 / 1999-01-25


Reissue of UK pop trio's third studio album originally released in '94. Includes the hit single, 'He's On The Phone' & the B-sides, 'I Buy American Records', 'Grovely Road' & 'Hate Your Drug' as bonus tracks plus two more not on the U.S., 'Western Wind' & 'Tankerville' but omits 'I Was Born On Christmas Day' and alternate versions of 'Hug My Soul' & 'Like A Motorway'. 15 tracks in all as opposed to the domestic 12 track, also features exclusive artwork. Sony. 1996.

Tiger Bay的曲目列表

• Urban Clearway
• He's On The Phone
• Former Lover
• I Buy American Records
• Hug My Soul
• Like A Motorway
• Grovely Road
• On The Shore
• Pale Movie
• Hate Your Drug
• Marble Lions
• Cool Kids Of Death
• Western Wind
• Tankerville
• Boy Scouts Of America

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