Hell Freezes Over

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Eagles / 摇滚 / 1994


Hell Freezes Over is a live album by the Eagles, released in 1994. The album contains four new studio tracks and eleven tracks recorded live for an MTV special. It went to #1 on the Billboard album chart upon its release where it stayed for two weeks. It is the band's second live album behind their live album in 1980.

Hell Freezes Over的曲目列表

1. Get Over It
2. Love Will Keep Us Alive
3. The Girl From Yesterday
4. Learn To Be Still
5. Tequila Sunrise
6. Hotel California
7. Wasted Time
8. Pretty Maids All In A Row
9. I Can't Tell You Why
10. New York Minute
11. The Last Resort
12. Take It Easy
13. In The City
14. Life In The Fast Lane
15. Desperado

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