Songs About Jane

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Maroon 5 / 流行 / 2002


The boys of Maroon 5 have certainly come a long way since their days in the indie outfit Kara's Flowers. After the band's demise in 1999, frontman Adam Levine surrounded himself with New York City's urban hip-hop culture and found a new musical calling. Maroon 5 were born and their debut album, Songs About Jane, illustrates an impressive rebirth. This import version of their 2002 album adds 4 bonus tracks, 'Rag Doll', 'Harder to Breathe' (Acoustic), 'This Love' (Acoustic) and 'This Love' (Kanye West Remix). BMG.

Songs About Jane的曲目列表

1. Harder To Breathe
2. This Love
3. Shiver
4. She Will Be Loved
5. Tangled
6. The Sun
7. Must Get Out
8. Sunday Morning
9. Secret
10. Through With You
11. Not Coming Home
12. Sweetest Goodbye

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