The Long Way Round

8.1 317人评价

Louis Eliot / 2004



The Long Way Round的曲目列表

1-1. Warmth Of The Sun
1-2. Emily
1-3. Party Games
1-4. Heaven's In Your Eyes
1-5. She Is Moving On
1-6. Everybodys Loves You When You're Dead
1-7. Falling
1-8. Heart Shaped Bruise
1-9. Tonight
1-10. Country Life
1-11. Go To Sleep
2-12. Monday Morning (Bonus Cd) (Acoustic Version)
2-13. Warmth Of The Sun (Bonus Cd) (Acoustic Version)
2-14. Untouchable (Bonus Cd) (Acoustic Version)
2-15. Heart Shaped Bruise (Bonus Cd) (Acoustic Version)
2-16. The Last Day Of Summertime (Bonus Cd) (Acoustic Version)

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