Get Ready

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New Order / 摇滚 / 2001


Get Ready is the seventh studio album by English musical group New Order. Released in August 2001 this was the group's first album in eight years, following 1993's Republic.
Peter Hook said of the album's title, "The title of the album is 'Get Ready' so it could mean anything or nothing. I thought it was just nice, New Order, 'Get Ready', 'cos we are, we're getting ready for the next phase of our musical lives both physically and mentally so it's quite a simple thing but it's very pertinent."
The album was dedicated to Rob Gretton, the manager of Joy Division and New Order, who died in 1999.
Keith Strickland, guitarist for the New Wave act The B-52's stated the sounds of "Get Ready" inspired him to make the sound for the B-52's 2008 album Funplex. The band The Killers took their name from the band playing in the "Crystal" video.
"Someone Like You" appears in the independent film Haggard: The Movie.
The album features a cover art directed by Peter Saville and designed by Howard Wakefield who have also designed covers for New Order and Joy Division albums. The cover model is German actress Nicolette Krebitz.
In 2009, "Slow Jam" was used in a Visa advertising campaign.

Get Ready的曲目列表

1. Crystal
2. 60 Miles An Hour
3. Turn My Way
4. Vicious Streak
5. Primitive Notion
6. Slow Jam
7. Rock The Shack
8. Someone Like You
9. Close Range
10. Run Wild

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