Finally We are No One

8.8 5219人评价

Múm / 电子 / 2002


Fat Cat are proud to announce their release by recent signings (2002) from Iceland, Mum. Highly-anticipated second album from this Icelandic 4-piece. Beautifully meshing some dense but intricate programming with gorgeous vocal and instrumental melodies, richly textured, hypnotic and unashamedly sumptuous.

Finally We are No One的曲目列表

1. Sleep-Swim
2. Green Grass of Tunnel
3. We Have a Map of the Plane
4. Don't be afraid, your eyes...
5. Behind 2 hills a swimming pool
6. K-Half Noise
7. Now There's That Fear Again
8. Faraway Swimming Pool
9. I Can't Feel My Hand Anymore
10. Finally We Are No One
11. The Land Between Solar Systems

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