Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus

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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds / 2004


Nick Cave changed the sound of music as part of the seminal goth-punks The Birthday Party. With his band of 20 years, The Bad Seeds, his solo work has veered between poignant gospel-inflected ballads and the steamy thud of backwater blues and country. This double album showcases both these sides of Cave's songwriting, with The Bad Seeds rising to fine, even funky, form. "Abattoir" is more rock 'n' roll with gospel overtones and salacious grooves, while "Lyre" is rawer and more experimental with a lot of acoustic instrumentation.

Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus的曲目列表

1. Get Ready For Love
2. Cannibals Hymn
3. Hiding All Away
4. Messiah Ward
5. There She Goes, My Beautiful World
6. Nature Boy
7. Abattoir Blues
8. Let The Bells Ring
9. Fable Of The Brown Ape
10. The Lyre Of Orpheus
11. Breathless
12. Babe You Turn Me On
13. Easy Money
14. Supernaturally
15. Spell
16. Carry Me
17. O Children

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