Nothing's Lost

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Styrofoam / 2004


* Belgium's Arne van Petegem aka STYROFOAM returns with his most accomplished effort to date. Electrnoic pop at its best with guest appearances by Ben Gibbard (DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, POSTAL SERVICE), Valerie Trebeljahr (LALI PUNA), Markus Acher (THE NOTWIST, LALI PUNA), ALIAS, Andrew Kenny (AMERICAN ANALOG SET), BENT VAN LOOY, and Japanese singer MIKI. * Part of Morr Music's U.S. tour with Lali Pun and The Go Find.

Nothing's Lost的曲目列表

1. Misguided (feat. Valerie Trebeljahr + alias)
2. Ticket Out Of Town
3. Couches In Alleys (feat. Ben Gibbard)
4. Beequeen
5. Your Eyes Only
6. Front To Back (feat. Andrew Kenny)
7. Safe + Broken
8. Anything (feat. Bent Van Looy + Miki)
9. Make It Mine

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