Good Bye, Lenin!

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Yann Tiersen / 原声 / 2003-10-14


Following the huge success of the 'Amelie' soundtrack, Yann Tiersen strikes back by composing the soundtrack of 'Goodbye Lenin', from the German director Wolfgang Becker (Run Lola Run). 25 tracks. Copy Controlled. Labels. 2003.
Summer 78
Childhood (1)
From prison to hospital
Watching Lara
First Rendez.Vous
The Decount Session
Lara's castle
The Deutsch Mark is coming
I saw Daddy today
Birthday Preparation
Good bye Lenin
Childhood (2)
The Letters
Mother's Journey
Preparation for the last TV fake
Mother will die
Father is late
Father and Mother
Finding the Money
Summer 78 (mit Claire Pichet)

Good Bye, Lenin!的曲目列表

1. Summer 78 (instrumental)
2. Coma
3. Childhood 1
4. From Prison To Hospital
5. Mother
6. Watching Lara
7. Dishes
8. First Rendez-Vous
9. Decant Session, The
10. Lara's Castle
11. Deutsch Mark Is Coming, The
12. I Saw Daddy Today
13. Birthday Preparations
14. Good Bye Lenin
15. Childhood
16. Letters
17. Mother's Journey
18. Preparations For The Last TV Fake
19. Mother Will Die
20. Father Is Late
21. Father And Mother
22. Finding The Money
23. Summer 78

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