The Essential Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen / 民谣 / 2002-10-22


The Essential Leonard Cohen is a career-spanning collection of Leonard Cohen songs released in 2002. It is part of Sony BMG's The Essential series.
The songs are arranged in chronological order; all studio albums released before 2002 are represented, except the 1977 album Death of a Ladies' Man. All tracks were digitally remastered by Leonard Cohen and Bob Ludwig.
The album was re-released in August 2008, as part of The Essential 3.0 series, with an extra disc of previously not included tracks (presented as the selection of "fans' favorite" songs).
Lenoard cohen比beatles和rolling stone早出生近10年,比猫王还要早一年。30几岁的时候他还没出过唱片,不过他已经成为一名小说家和诗人。他在文学上的造诣要远远盛于Bob Dylan,不过在演唱上的吸引力要逊于Dylan。 《The Favorite Game》 (1963) 和《Beautiful Losers》 (1966)这两本小说奠定了他的名誉,他开始写歌,这些早期的歌曲就吸引了人的注意。
民谣天才Judy Collins在60年代的中期崛起,她翻唱Cohen的Suzanne,受到了极大的欢迎。于是她说服Cohen参加她的巡回民谣演唱。他于1967年的夏天在Newport Folk Festival(新港民谣节)初次登台演出,随后在纽约举办个人演唱会,在CBS网络电视台上朗诵他的诗歌。同时男演员/歌手Noel Harrison凭借“Suzanne”打入排行榜。 之后Cohen签约哥伦比亚唱片公司,在1968年的时候发行了他的第一张专辑《The Songs of Leonard Cohen》,也许因为其中忧伤的主题,他立即在民谣界确立地位。并且在大学中赢得了广大的听众群。《The Songs of Leonard Cohen》是Cohen最为贴近听众的一张专辑。他的下一张专辑《Songs from a Room 》(1969)表达了同样的主题,但是没有被广泛的接受。其中“Bird on a Wire” 和“The Story of Isaac”具有同“Suzanne”一样的水准。《Songs of Love and Hate 》(1971)是他的第三张专集,这张专辑中他对于自己的作品松弛的表现,破坏了他过去的形象与地位。尽管“Joan of Arc”和“Famous Blue Raincoat”这两首作品很出色。《 I'm Your Man 》(1988) 也极受欢迎。
从乡村歌手Johnny Cash到另类摇滚R.E.M.,大家都喜欢翻唱他的歌。Cohen是一代又一代不同流派歌手崇拜与模仿的对象。
《The Essential Leonard Cohen》是SONY在2002年发行的精选唱片。

The Essential Leonard Cohen的曲目列表

1-1. Suzanne
1-2. The Stranger Song
1-3. Sisters Of Mercy
1-4. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
1-5. So Long, Marianne
1-6. Bird On A Wire
1-7. The Partisan
1-8. Famous Blue Raincoat
1-9. Chelsea Hotel #2
1-10. Take This Longing
1-11. Who By Fire
1-12. The Guests
1-13. Halleluljah
1-14. If It Be Your Will
1-15. Night Comes On
1-16. I'm Your Man
1-17. Everybody Knows
1-18. Tower Of Song
2-1. Ain't No Cure For Love
2-2. Take This Waltz
2-3. First We Take Manhattan
2-4. Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live)
2-5. The Future
2-6. Democracy
2-7. Waiting For The Miracle
2-8. Closing Time
2-9. Anthem
2-10. In My Secret Life
2-11. Alexandra Leaving
2-12. A Thousand Kisses Deep
2-13. Love Itself

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